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About Us

BHP Productions

​We are a team that strives to bring our audience successful quality films that take the imagination to a whole new level. We search for extraordinary stories. Join our team that values the traditional essence of storytelling, offering a platform for growth and self-expression.

Before the Gig

Brick House Pictures Executive Team


Brick House Pictures, Founder

Actor/Director/Producer/ Writer

MK. Harvey.png
MK. Harvey

Brick House Pictures, CEO

Executive Producer/Agent

Brick House Pictures Affilated Partners

Brick House is proud to have a strong network of affiliated partners who play a significant role in our operations.
Calvin Daniels

Brick House Pictures 

Director of Editing, Producer, Actor and Writer 

K-Stevens V.2.png

Brick House Pictures 

Casting Director, Actor

Black Chips
Randy Hillman V.2.png
Alex K_V.2.png
Randy Hillman 
Alexander Kane 

Plan B Ventures -Founder/ CEO, Business Development

Black Metal
Jolley V.2.png
Joelly Almodovar 

Forever Us Productions

 Executive Producer, Director, and Writer

Vincent headshot - Edited.png

Drop House Collective, Founder/CEO and Collective Media Group, Director of Music, and Executive Producer-Creative Media Group, Executive Producer

Vincent Heckelmen
Alvin headshot- Edited.png
Alvin McKinney

 Creative Media Group Executive Program Director, and Executive Producer and Collective Media Group - Executive Producer

Vernon Antonio -Headshot- Edited.png
Vernon Antonio

Collective Media Group-Director, Writer, and Producer. - Creative Media Group, Executive Producer- Darkflo Media, Founder/ CEO 

 Founder/ CEO-OTN Films 

Ray Acevedo
Ray _headshot - Edited.png
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